Rural tourism – “Ospitalità Iblea” at the Bit Milano

Rural tourism – “Ospitalità Iblea” at the Bit Milano

Launched the new web portal dedicated to the promotion of rural tourism in Ragusa, Modica, Scicli and Ispica.
The naturalistic and cultural itineraries scheduled for 2022 have been presented

Milan, 10 April 2022 – “Ospitalità Iblea – Services for rural tourism” is among the exhibitors present at the 2022 edition of the Bit Milano (International Tourism Exchange) which takes place from 10 to 12 April at Fieramilano and which undoubtedly represents the reference event in Italy and one of the main trade fairs in Europe dedicated to the world of tourism. An important appointment to get a preview of the news and new market trends.

Ospitalità Iblea participates with its own stand (Pad. N.3 – Stand n.30) to present its project concerning rural tourism including the catalog of cultural itineraries and nature trails proposed for 2022, the selected tourist guides and the numerous activities commercial partners (accommodation, food and drink, tourist services, etc.) as well as the innovative Web Portal:

Ospitalità Iblea is a network made up of tour operators and farms in the municipalities of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli and Ispica. Thanks to the funds made available by the Regional Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fishing – PSR Sicily 2014/2020 measure 16.3 – the cooperation project was conceived with the aim of promoting rural tourism in the province of Ragusa .

“Ospitalità Iblea intends to represent the Iblean territory in its peculiarities, in a journey that has more the flavor of the experience to be lived” – this is the comment of Dr. Piero Virderi, owner of V. Service in Scicli, leader of the project. “Enhancing our beautiful territory, also and above all through the help of technological innovation, will allow us to reach the traveler anywhere in the world, emotionally involving him even before his arrival and, once here, make him feel the real protagonist of a unique and extraordinary territory “.

Technological innovation therefore at the center of the project, continues Giovanni Bracchini (co-founder BS Marketing) – resp. Iblea Hospitality Marketing. With, the web portal that we are presenting here at the fair, the visitor, from the comfort of his smartphone, will be able to access a rich offer of tourist services.

The visitor will be able to access information on the rural Hyblean territory (the nature reserves and the SIC areas) and on the historical-cultural heritage of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli and Ispica; you will be able to choose from numerous cultural itineraries (by the Tanit Scicli Association) and naturalistic itineraries (by the Scicli Environmental Exploration Association), interacting directly with the tour guides participating in the project; will be able to decide in absolute autonomy how to spend their stay and which experiences to live in our territory, being able to prefer among the numerous commercial partners who have joined the project (accommodation facilities, restaurants, bathing establishments and services for tourism).

An easy and intuitive “smart” tool made available to the traveler, but also to companies and tour operators in the area who want to become our partners.

From the portal and from the stores (App store and Google store) it is also possible to download the “Iblea Hospitality” application which will allow you to be constantly updated on new itineraries and new proposals.

The objectives of the Iblea Hospitality project, concludes Dr. Matteo Scatà (as head of the secretariat), are “the promotion and enhancement of rural Hyblean tourism in Italy and abroad with the aim of seasonally adjusting tourism in our land, offering visitors the possibility to organize their trip in a simple and active way, offering the possibility to choose accommodation facilities, restaurants, various services, and also, to take advantage of a qualified guide service for naturalistic excursions and cultural itineraries in the cities and in the territory of the Iblei “- continues the secretary of the project -” Hospitality Iblea is all this, but not only, it offers the possibility to all farms and tour operators in the area to join the partnership in order to create a cohesion of intentions always more important and promote the growth and well-being of all “.

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Thanks for the precious support:

  • The members of the board of the Scicli Exploring Environment Association
  • The members of the board of the Tanit Association of Scicli
  • Gaetano Buscema (Co founder Bs Marketing) who oversaw the creation and implementation of the web portal and the Ospitalità Iblea app

WEBINAR: Naturalistic and historical-cultural itineraries of the rural territory of Scicli, Ragusa and Modica-Ispica

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